Macro 2: Gear stick

Maybe not as pretty as a daffodil but I thought this would be a good test of how each device handles with reflections.

100% crop

Lumia 930
iPhone 6
Galaxy S5
PowerShot SX220 HS

Robin vs Lumia 930

Robin vs iPhone 6

Robin vs Galaxy S5

Robin vs PowerShot SX220 HS


Colour balance:┬áSimilar to the park shot, Robin’s image has a slight magenta tint to it. iPhone 6 once again produces most natural colours. While Lumia 930, Galaxy S5 and PowerShot produce similar colour balance – not paying attention to the exposure difference in this section.

Exposure: Unlike the daffodil shot here all devices completely differently exposed images. Robin did best job this time around not allowing the reflection to cause any issues. iPhone 6 and Lumia 930 did a decent job as well with Galaxy S5 and PowerShot SX220 HS have seriously overexposed the image.

Detail: It’s very clear in the 100% crop samples which did best job of keeping focus and keeping image sharp. Robin produced perfectly focus image, with iPhone 6 and Lumia 930 falling behind slightly. PowerShot SX220 HS and Galaxy S5 are hardly worth mentioning due to producing blurred images.