This test is set in quite similar conditions as the Landscape shots but ads a cityscape in the background to add more complexity to the image. This should aid in testing how the tested devices deal with noise reduction.

100% crop

Lumia 930
iPhone 6
Galaxy S5
PowerShot SX220 HS

Robin vs Lumia 930

Robin vs iPhone 6

Robin vs Galaxy S5

Robin vs PowerShot SX220 HS


Colour balance: iPhone 6 once again does best job of keeping the colours natural, with Lumia 930, Galaxy S5 and PowerShot SX220 HS almost as good and this time without saturating the images with yellow. Robin in this case got the white balance just slightly off leaning slightly towards a magenta tint.

Exposure: Robin’s image this time came out well exposed, without burning the highlights with Lumia 930 once again producing the best contrast in the clouds. iPhone 6 did a pretty good job as well, while the Galaxy S5 and PowerShot SX220 HS matching the contrast balance of Robin.

Detail: Lumia 930 once again leads the pack in terms level of detail with iPhone 6 being second best. Both produced an image with a good level of detail and acceptable amount of noise. Robin’s and Galaxy S5’s output is very similar with both devices showing a bit more aggressive noise reduction which blurred some of the details in order to reduce noise. The PowerShot SX220 HS coming up short again with both most noise and blurred detail.

Video test

In the park video test Galaxy S5 was most shaky again with Robin doing just a bit better job with video stabilisation. Lumia once again didn’t keep a complete lock on the focus throughout the clip while also burning out the highlights in the clouds. Speaking of clouds the PowerShot SX220 HS burnt the highlights even more. iPhone once again produced the most steady video shot.