No test would be complete without a night-shot, so here is mine. Apologies for taking only one but it was cold and windy, so I didn’t feel like going out again in the evening to take more night shots. Once should be enough :)

100% crop

Lumia 930
iPhone 6
Galaxy S5
PowerShot SX220 HS

Robin vs Lumia 930

Robin vs iPhone 6

Robin vs Galaxy S5

Robin vs PowerShot SX220 HS


Colour balance: The colour balance is quite even across all of the devices with only Samsung adding a slight red tint.

Exposure: Robin set the exposure closest to the natural lighting at the time. iPhone 6, Galaxy S5 and PowerShot SX220 HS all bumped up the exposure a bit, while Lumia 930 was just trying too hard to impress in my opinion leaving the image over-exposed causing lots of noise to creep in, especially in the dark areas of the image.

Detail: Interestingly, while Robin performed poorly in indoor conditions it came out on top in the night shoot test. Lumia 930 preserved a decent amount of detail but there was just too much noise for my liking. iPhone 6 produced a satisfying image as well with Galaxy S5 yet again seriously reducing noise by blurring pixels and PowerShot SX220 HS coming out blurry all together.