Low light 2: Car tyre

Yes, I really love macros so I decided to perform one in low light as well :) This one was so low-light I had to turn the flash on again.

100% crop

Lumia 930
iPhone 6
Galaxy S5
PowerShot SX220 HS

Robin vs Lumia 930

Robin vs iPhone 6

Robin vs Galaxy S5

Robin vs PowerShot SX220 HS


Colour balance: Galaxy S5 and PowerShot SX220 HS got the balance most accurately this time around. Robin’s image coming out just a bit red-ish, while Lumia 930 and iPhone 6 were united in adding a yellow-ish tint.

Exposure: Exposure-wise all devices produced well balance photos with flash.

Detail: Lumia 930 is the real deal when it comes to preserving detail and once again outshines the rest of the devices I tested. Robin yet again applies heavy noise reduction when used with flash as in my previous flash indoor test. Other three devices are comparable in terms of detail they preserve under these conditions.

Video test

In the low-light video test Robin was the worst once again with a shaky shot and incorrect white balance, making the white parking marks yellow. Lumia 930 did well aside from barely noticing the tyre, I wish it would increase the exposer ever so slightly. iPhone did best in keeping the white and colour balance looking natural. Galaxy S5 again showed that its video stabilisation isn’t very good with Canon being the most steady, finally taking full advantage of the superior optical stabilisation.