Low light 1: Under-croft parking

To push cameras even further to the limit than my previous indoor tests I have taken a couple of shots in the under-croft parking where lighting is very low.

100% crop

Lumia 930
iPhone 6
Galaxy S5
PowerShot SX220 HS

Robin vs Lumia 930

Robin vs iPhone 6

Robin vs Galaxy S5

Robin vs PowerShot SX220 HS


Colour balance: While Robin didn’t performed well in my indoor test with and without flash it does much better in the garage low light test. It does best job of keeping good white and colour balance, beating iPhone 6 with slightly red-ish tint, Lumia 930 is going a but yellow again while PowerShot SX220 HS and especially Galaxy S5 going into the blue hues.

Exposure: Lumia 930 and iPhone 6 produced well-balanced exposure levels while the other three devices have all overdone it with boosting the exposure.

Detail: Here too Robin shines matching the level of detail preserved by Lumia 930 almost pixel-by-pixel. The other three devices falling well behind, especially Galaxy S5 with its aggressive noise reduction yet again.