It’s been just a couple of weeks since BlackBerry (formerly known as RIM) launched its own brand new OS the BlackBerry 10 along with introducing Alicia Keys as a global creative director. There have been numerous reviews posted of both the new operating system and new handsets. Writing a review or actually living with the device as your only smartphone option is totally different experience and gives a way better look into a new device.

That’s why we are happy that one of the guys over at Engadget decided to give the new BlackBerry OS a 30-day trial and posted his first impressions after first 3 days. Head over to Engadget to read the full article and check the official press shots of the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 which are both available in black or white colour options after the break.

Black BlackBerry Z10

White BlackBerry Z10

Black BlackBerry Q10

White BlackBerry Q10