Welcome to the second article in our top Windows 8 Desktop features series. In our previous post we were talking about Task Manager and today we will cover the Automatic Colour feature. In Windows 7 you could choose a colour for your windows and task bar and also choose a selection of images as a Slide Show for desktop wallpaper.

We have been big fans of both features but found it at times that the colour we have chosen did not match all of the photos we have selected for the slideshow. Luckily Windows 8 solves this issue with offering ‘Automatic’ colour option which then changes accordingly to the current image being viewed on your desktop background. Check past the break for more details.

You can customize the colour and appearance of your windows and taskbar in the ‘Colour and Appearance’ section which can be found in Control Panel under ‘Personalisation’.

Once you click on the ‘Colour’ button on the bottom you will be taken to a screen where you can either choose the ‘Automatic’ option or manually choose and customise your colour the same as in Windows 7 sans the ‘Transparency’ option as you might have noticed that windows aren’t transparent any more in Windows 8 except the taskbar.

Upon choosing the ‘Automatic’ option Windows 8 will automatically change the colour of your windows and taskbar to compliment your current desktop wallpaper. See the below screenshot gallery for some examples.