We were positively surprised when a second software update within the past month popped-up on our HTC One X. It’s not that there is something¬†horribly¬†wrong with it but a new update can’t hurt. Being optimistic we then checked if there was an update for our HTC One S available as well and it was indeed.

The new 1.29.401.7 update for HTC One X is 35.09 MB big but HTC hasn’t released any info yet regarding which issues have been addressed with this latest update. The same goes for the 1.78.771.5 software update for HTC One S which was slightly larger at 57.49 MB with HTC not releasing any details about this update as well.

If the notification asking you to update doesn’t show you can check and update manually going into Settings > About > Software updates and tap ‘Check now’ at the bottom and hopefully the update will come up. Due to the large size of the update it is recommended to download it via WiFi. Click the below screenshots below for step-by-step instructions.

HTC One X and One S software update manual check

After updating both smartphones worked great but we haven’t really experienced any problems before updating either. We will update this post if we find out any further info.

HTC One X and One S system software updates